What is fog computing? What about security in fog nodes? What are the fundamental elements to a fog computing architecture? Are there any online courses available?

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Definition of Fog Computing

Fog computing is a system-level horizontal architecture that distributes resources and services of computing, storage, control and networking anywhere along the continuum from Cloud to Things.  It is a:

  • Horizontal architecture: Support multiple industry verticals and application domains, delivering intelligence and services to users and business
  • Cloud-to-Thing continuum of services: Enable services and applications to be distributed closer to Things, and anywhere along the continuum between Cloud and Things
  • System-level: Extend from the Things, over the network edges, through the Cloud, and across multiple protocol layers – not just radio systems, not just a specific protocol layer, not just at one part of an end-to-end system, but a system spanning between the Things and the Cloud


Fog Computing Research

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Fog Computing Use Cases

High-Scale Package Drone Delivery

This use case examines the advantages, requirements and restrictions of drone package delivery in a fog computing environment. Download the use case.


Real-time Subsurface Imaging

Subsurface imaging and monitoring in real time is crucial for understanding subsurface structures and dynamics that may pose risks or opportunities for oil/gas exploration and production, civil infrastructure, etc., while minimizing environmental impact.  This use case examines a new approach to real-time subsurface imaging through a mesh network of fog nodes. Download the use case.