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Fog Computing Use Cases

Fog-based use cases are essential to the work of the OpenFog Consortium. They provide invaluable insight into the spectrum of vertical markets and applications served by fog computing and networking, and they also drive requirements for next iterations of the OpenFog architecture and testbeds. Each of the use cases posted here highlights one or more representative fog attributes of SCALE (security, cognition, agility, latency and efficiency).

The architectural use cases provide a technical foundation to plan and design fog implementations as well as extract high-level requirements tailored to specific vertical industries.  We appreciate comments on these use cases, which can be sent to  Thank you for your interest in fog computing and in our work.


Architectural Use Cases

Executive Summaries

Fog Computing Research & Demos

Fog computing & networking is an emerging and exciting field for researchers around the world.  These pages highlight demonstrations and research papers from the universities who are leading the way in fog advancements.

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Special Report – Size & Impact of Fog Computing Market (2017-2022)


University Research




OpenFog members include some of the leading universities from around the world who are doing pioneering research in the area of fog computing and networking.  This  repository contains links to selected work by members.  For more information about this work, please contact the researchers directly or contact OpenFog at


Demonstrations of Research Concepts

Videos / Webinars


Fog World Congress 2018


Video Shorts

Out of the Fog: Viewpoints from OpenFog Members (5-7 minute videos):

Technical Overviews

Fog World Congress 2017 

Introductory Overviews on Fog Computing


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