OpenFog Reference Architecture

Thank you for your interest in fog computing and in the OpenFog Reference Architecture.  This document is the baseline to developing an open architecture fog computing environment.  It is the first step in creating standards to enable interoperability in IoT, 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Tactile Internet, Virtual Reality and other complex data and network intensive applications.

The OpenFog Reference Architecture represents an industry commitment toward cooperative, open and inter-operative fog systems to accelerate advanced deployments in smart cities, smart energy, smart transportation, smart healthcare and smart manufacturing.  It describes requirements to every part of the fog supply chain: component manufacturers, system vendors, software providers, application developers.

The OpenFog Consortium wishes to thank its members for their year-long effort to produce this document.  Without this open architecture framework, there will be limited interoperability, reliability and security in fog computing, leading in slower adoption and limited functionality.

Here are answers to the most frequently-asked questions to help you understand the OpenFog Reference Architecture.  We also invite you to view the video discussion by the co-chairs of the OpenFog Architecture Workgroup.   For those who wish to see the high-level overview, we invite you to read the 10-page executive summary of the full Reference Architecture and the short version of the 8 foundational pillars.  Finally, in order to ensure we are all on the same page, we invite you to review the OpenFog Glossary of Terms.

For more information about our work, or to discuss how your organization can participate, please contact us at

Thank you for your interest in fog computing and in our work!

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