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October 3, 2016

Fog is expanding in Japan: Liaison signed with IoT Acceleration Consortium, and Hitachi elected as Regional Director of Japan Regional Committee

IoT Acceleration Consortium and OpenFog Consortium Sign Memorandum of Understanding at CEATEC in Japan

Hitachi joins OpenFog and is elected as Regional Director of Japan Regional Committee

TOKYO, Japan  (October 3, 2016) – OpenFog Consortium (OpenFog) announces a liaison with IoT Acceleration Consortium (ITAC) in Japan to collaborate on technology and testbed development and standards.  In addition, Mr. Makoto Yasuda, Senior Technology Evangelist, Information & Communication Technology Business Division, Hitachi, Ltd. was elected to Regional Chair of the OpenFog Japan Regional Committee, which was launched in June 2016.

Progress of IT enables connecting various things to the Internet and enables the IoT (Internet of Things) era, in which IT makes variety of industry/societal activities increasingly more efficient.  With the growth of Big Data and Artificial Intelligent technologies, existing industry/societal structure might be reformed drastically.  In such situations, the Japan government established ITAC in October 2015, to combine the strengths of government, industry, and academia and build an adequate environment which promotes investigation for the future world utilizing IoT.

Cloud computing-only models cannot keep up with the rapid nature of certain IoT applications, such as robot control, which require rapid responses and very high network bandwidth.  To tackle this problem, fog computing provides distributing computing functionalities into the network layer which resides between things and cloud networks.  The OpenFog Consortium was established in November 2015 to accelerate the adoption of fog computing.

Today, IOTAC and OpenFog signed a Memorandum of Understanding that includes the following agreements:

  • Identify and share best practices
  • Collaborate on testbeds and research and development projects
  • Realize interoperability by harmonizing architecture and other elements
  • Collaborate on standardization

Based on these agreements, OpenFog will collaborate with ITAC to promote technology development and the penetration of fog computing as it evolves in Japan.

In addition, to lead the activities of Japan Regional Committee, the OpenFog Board of Directors elected Mr. Makoto Yasuda, Senior Technology Evangelist, Information & Communication Technology Business Division, Hitachi, Ltd. as the Regional Director of the Japan Committee.  Mr. Yasuda will join the OpenFog Board of Directors, effective immediately.  As the Regional Director, he will influence the development and penetration of fog computing, leading to innovation of advanced technologies and applications.

Mr. Makoto Yasuda, Regional Director of Japan Regional Committee (Hitachi, Ltd.) said in a statement, “I am honored and pleased to be appointed as the Regional Director of Japan Regional Committee and become a part of OpenFog Board of Directors.  My experiences of the promotion of Big Data business in Hitachi tell that IoT, such as OT (Operation Technology) and  IT (Information Technology), is one of the core driving forces of Japan.  To enhance the IoT world, I believe that the idea of fog computing and collaboration of entities are inevitable.  I would contribute to Japan and fog computing through the Regional Committee activities and collaboration with IOTAC.

Japan is a very important region to progress and test fog computing for IoT applications.  Our formal cooperation between OpenFog and ITAC will result in greater innovation and faster proof of advanced concepts through open testbeds.  On a technical level, the industry will benefit from our collaboration around open architecture and in the development of standards,” says Mr. Jeff Fedders, president of the OpenFog Consortium.  “To help drive these and other activities, I am very pleased to welcome Hitachi formally into OpenFog as the Japan Regional Committee Chair and member of the OpenFog Board of Directors, to formally lead the overall activities in Japan.”

About IoT Acceleration Consortium
Japan government established IOTAC to build a formation to develop and prove IoT technologies and to create new business models.  In concrete, IOTAC (a) promotes development, proof and standardization of IoT technologies and (b) initiates IoT projects and proposes regulation reform to enable such projects.  Visit for details.

About OpenFog Consortium

The OpenFog Consortium was formed to accelerate the deployment of fog computing technologies through the development of an open architecture that identifies core technologies and capabilities such as distributed computing, networking and storage that will support intelligence at the edge of IoT.  The OpenFog Consortium was formed by ARM, Cisco, Dell, Intel, Microsoft Corp, and Princeton University in November 2015, and has 46 member organizations in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit and on Twitter @openfog.

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