The OpenFog Consortium is a thriving ecosystem of organizations who share a collective vision that fog computing is a key enabler to IoT and other advanced concepts in the digital world.  Current OpenFog members are from large enterprises, startups, research institutions and universities around the world.  Membership in OpenFog is open to any organization who wishes to join in our mission.

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The OpenFog Consortium (OpenFog) is a public-private ecosystem formed to accelerate the adoption of fog computing in order to solve the bandwidth, latency and communications challenges associated with the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, the Tactile Internet and other advanced concepts in the digitized world. It was founded by ARM, Cisco, Dell, Intel, Microsoft and Princeton University Edge Computing Laboratory in November 2015.

Our work is centered around creating a framework for efficient & reliable networks and intelligent endpoints combined with identifiable, secure, and privacy-friendly information flows between clouds, endpoints, and services based on open standard technologies. OpenFog members represent the leading thinkers and innovators in fog computing, who have come together to help build the foundational elements for this emerging area.

Among the challenges that we are collectively addressing are high latency on the network, support of end point mobility, loss of connectivity, unpredictable bandwidth bottlenecks and distributed coordination of systems and clients. Our technical workgroups are creating an OpenFog architecture that enables end-user clients or near-user edge devices to carry out computation, communication, control and storage.

The work of OpenFog is done through its Committees and Workgroups, overseen by a 15-person Board of Directors. OpenFog shares selected pre-publication work with industry associations through formal liaison and affiliation agreements. Its published work is posted under resources and is available for industry use.


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By submitting the above form, the applicant acknowledges and agrees that, when signed and accepted by OpenFog Consortium, this application represents a binding contract between the parties and commits the applicant to (i) payment of annual Membership dues and fees as determined from time to time by the Board of Directors, and (ii) comply with all the terms and conditions of OpenFog Consortium’s Certificate of Incorporation, Bylaws and Intellectual Property Rights Policy (the applicant hereby acknowledging receipt of copies of these documents) and such rules and policies as the Board of Directors and/or committees may from time to time adopt.  The applicant certifies that it meets the conditions of Membership specified in the Bylaws.

OpenFog Consortium may elect to avail itself of certain protections offered by the National Cooperative Research and Production Act of 1993, as amended, which requires disclosure of the names of all members of OpenFog Consortium.   Accordingly, the undersigned hereby appoints such person who shall be the President or Chairperson or acting President or Chairperson of OpenFog Consortium as the undersigned’s true and lawful attorney‑in‑fact and authorizes him or her to (1) notify government agencies of the undersigned’s membership in OpenFog Consortium, (2) make, approve the form of, execute and deliver filings with government agencies on behalf of OpenFog Consortium and on behalf of the undersigned as a member of OpenFog Consortium indicating such membership, (3) receive notifications, including without limitation, notifications pursuant to the National Cooperative Research and Production Act on behalf of OpenFog Consortium and on behalf of the undersigned as a member of OpenFog Consortium, and (4) authorize and direct other officers of, and/or counsel to OpenFog Consortium, to do any of the foregoing acts.  OpenFog Consortium will forward to the undersigned any notifications that it receives which are other than normal confirmations of filings and other administrative notices relating to all members.


Membership Levels

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Small Company Membership (revenues of <$50 million)

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Join us to help shape the coming era of fog computing

Membership entitles your company to play an active role in shaping the technical foundation, testing new concepts and ultimately creating new business opportunities through fog computing technologies and solutions.

By joining OpenFog, you can:

  • Lead and influence the technology direction for fog computing
  • Jointly define an open reference architecture with industry peers and academic partners
  • Influence the development of new industry standards for fog computing
  • Test new concepts & products in real-world use cases and testbeds
  • Build valuable connections for your company with key industry influencers, innovators, researchers and academics
  • Tap into PhD talent pools in universities globally through internships, collaborative projects and employment opportunities
  • Participate in all OpenFog Committees & Working Groups and attend all Members meetings
  • Exchange ideas, best practices and insights with the leading thinkers in fog computing
  • Help to educate and grow the market for fog computing
  • Gain visibility for yourself and your company through publishing and speaking opportunities
  • Establish your organization as a fog pioneer in the coming decades
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