Special Report – Size and Impact of Fog Computing Market (2017-2022)

In March 2017, the OpenFog Consortium commissioned 451 Research to rigorously investigate the market size and impact of fog computing, including the current spend in fog and the five-year outlook across the globe.  451 Research also looked at cloud vs. on premise spend, trends over time, and the industries where fog will have the biggest impact.

As pioneers in fog computing, OpenFog members are keenly aware that fog computing is a large market – after all, fog is necessary for IoT, 5G, and embedded AI.  With the 451 Research report, we now have an independent, thoroughly researched data set to validate our work.

As we anticipated, the research revealed an industry with enormous upside that already has established market traction:  Fog computing will be an $18 billion market worldwide by the year 2022.  The report also investigates:

  • The largest potential markets in order of size
  • Key contributors to the growth rate across each market
  • Cloud vs. on premise sizing
  • Hardware, software and services spend and trendline over five years

We invite you to read the 15-page report and see the highlights on the infographic.  We also invite you to join in our work.  OpenFog members are building an open, interoperable architecture for fog computing that will become the foundation for creating standards and will be the body that determines compliance and interoperability to the fog standards.  For more information on our work, please view the OpenFog Reference Architecture and our latest use cases.

Interested in learning more?  Please contact us for a conversation.

This report is copyrighted by 451 Research and is distributed with permission by OpenFog.  Reproduction and distribution of this publica­tion, in whole or in part, in any form without prior written permission is forbidden.

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