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July 29, 2017

Fog World Congress – Come Immerse Yourself in the Fog

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by Lynne Canavan, Executive Co-Chair, Fog World Congress

Fog computing continues to steadily expand, due to its ability to uniquely solve the technical challenges of advanced digital applications in IoT, embedded AI and 5G.  For use cases that require SCALE – Security, Cognition, Agility, Latency, and Efficiency – all handled in sub-milliseconds – fog computing and networking isn’t a better approach:  It’s a necessary one.

Yet fog remains a rather foggy concept to those looking in.  Now, the OpenFog Consortium and IEEE Communications Society have teamed up to provide the immersive education taught by experts who are developing, designing, and implementing fog in actual deployments.

From October 30 to November 1, the inaugural Fog World Congress conference will take place in Santa Clara.

From its opening keynote on Fogonomics followed by a new seminal market sizing and research report by 451 Research, Fog World Congress will deliver an action-packed 3 days of fog-based information, insight, best practices, fog use cases, and innovative new research and approaches.  Through four content tracks on technology, industry, research and interactive learning, Fog World Congress is designed to teach, inform and share best practices.  A government panel will talk about fog policy and investments.  Startups take on the Venture Capitalists in FogTank.  Topics will cover fog use cases ranging from fog in the smart factory to blockchain to design tips for fog applications.  And for those who really want to dive in, the Day 1 hackathon will provide hands-on immersion into real world problems with prizes.  Exhibitors from leaders in fog – Cisco, ARM, Hitachi, Intel, PrismTech, RTI and more – will showcase fog-based approaches and solutions.

Whether you need to learn the fundamentals of fog – what it is, and why it matters – or you are interested in insights from visionaries and deep dives from technical experts, Fog World Congress delivers.  Early bird registration is now open, and there are a few exhibitor spots left.  Come immerse yourself to listen, learn and network.
About the Author

Lynne Canavan is director of the OpenFog Consortium and serves as Executive Co-Chair of the inaugural Fog World Congress event.  Previously, she was Vice President of Program Management at the Industrial Internet Consortium.  She can be reached at

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