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June 25-27, 2019

Embedded Technologies Expo

For more information, please visit Embedded Technologies 2019.

The embedded market, projected to be $214 Billion by 2020, spawned the Internet of Things more than a decade ago. The IoT market has grown significantly from its inception and is expected to reach $267 Billion by 2020. Sensors and embedded systems are at the core of IoT. New technologies, platforms, and protocols are pushing the boundaries and expanding opportunities, however, they are increasing design complexities and interoperability issues. Cost of improper design and faulty implementations have huge ramifications and the need for education and training has never been so important.

ETC will take the helm in helping design engineers and implementers understand the choices, possibilities, and furthermore, in providing deep education and hands-on training necessary in the embedded marketplace. Produced in partnership with Embedded Computing Designthe three-day vendor-neutral education program will take on a real-world challenges and solutions approach covering the latest technologies across keynotes, panel discussions, and workshops.

“Embedded Computing Design and OpenSystems Media have served the needs of the evolving embedded and IoT industries for over 35 years,” states Rich Nass, Executive Vice President, Embedded and IoT at OpenSystems Media. “We will lean on that history while also engaging the help of our Advisory Board who live with the embedded developer on a daily basis. The result will be a world-class education program featuring the industry’s top thought leaders as well as many of those that prosper in the trenches.”

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