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Fast Company  June 2018  The Cloud is so 2017.  Here comes the Fog

IoT Playbook, May 2018  Fog computing provides robust networking framework for IoT

TechTarget, May 2018  The Future of AI, IoT and 5G is in the Fog 

Sprint Business May 2018  Fog Computing will get a Boost from 5G

Embedded World, April 2018  Redesigning Security for Fog Computing with Blockchain

i-Scoop, April 2018  Fog standardization: an update on the IEEE and OpenFog Consortium standards

South China Morning Post, April 2018  Ensuring your driverless car or robo-surgeon does not hang

Embedded Computing Design, April 2018  How Fog Computing is Driving Industrial IoT Systems Revolution

Control Engineering, March 2018 Fog Computing in Process Automation: A Secure, Distributed Solution to Today’s Data-Driven World

Connected World, March 2018  Fog or Cloud? The Answer is Yes

Control Engineering, March 2018  Fog Computing for Industrial Automation

Communications of the ACM, March 2018  Computing gets Foggy

PC Magazine, February 2018  IT needs to start thinking about 5G and Edge Cloud Computing

CMS Wire, February 2018  Cloud Computing takes a backseat to Edge Computing… or is it Fog?

The Economist, January 2018 The era of the cloud’s total dominance is drawing to a close

CIO Magazine, January 2018  What is Fog Computing? Connecting the Cloud to Things

Computer Business Review, January 2018  Nine Aspects of Fog Computing that Every CIO Should Know

Fierce Wireless, January 2018  What is Fog Computing and Why is it Important for Telcom?

RCR Wireless, January 2018  The Role of Fog Computing in 5G

Forbes, December 2017 My One Big Fat Cloud Computing Prediction for 2018

IoT Evolution, November 2017 Fog Computing is Booming and it Changes Everything

Recode, November 2017  Forget the Cloud. Computing is heading into the Fog.

Tech.pinions, October 2017  Will the Future of Computing Emerge from the Fog?

EE Times, October 2017  Five Ways to Navigate Fog IoT

Fierce Wireless, September 2017  OpenFog Consortium welcomes more carrier input as it collaborates with ETSI

Knect365, September 2017  Demystifying OpenFog

State Tech, September 2017  Local Governments adapt to IoT Demands with Fog Computing

RTC Magazine, July 2017 Computer Forecast: Cloudy Today, Foggy Tomorrow

IoT for All, June 2017  The Role of Cloud Computing and Fog Computing in IoT

Forbes, June 2017  Here Are the Key Drivers that are Pushing Cloud to the Edge

IEEE special issue on Fog Computing, April 2017; co-authored by several OpenFog members.

TechTarget IoT Agenda, April 2017  Drone package delivery is realistic, not futuristic, thanks to fog computing

TechTarget IoT Agenda, April 2017  Fog computing brings new business opportunities and disruptions

Industrial Ethernet Book, April 2017  Reference Architecture defines Fog Computing Communications

Mobile Cloud Era, March 2017  Fog Computing:  The ‘Edge’ becomes Critical

Embedded Computing Design, March 2017  Roundtable discussion on the OpenFog Reference Architecture

EE Times, February 2017  IoT Group Sets Broad Agenda

SDX Central, February 2017  Fog Computing Group publishes Reference Architecture

Inside HPC, February 2017  OpenFog Consortium Releases Reference Architecture

CIO Dive, February 2017  Why Fog Computing will Power IoT in 2017

Law Technology Today, January 2017  What You Should Know about Fog Computing

IT Biz Advisor, January 2017 Is Fog Computing Going to Take off in 2017?

Business Insider, December 2016  The next multibillion-dollar tech market was quietly born this year

ReadWrite, December 2016  What is Fog Computing and what does it mean for IoT?  

The Future of Work, December 2016  Why Fog Computing will be the Next Big Thing

Vanilla Plus, December 2016  Fog Matters

Network World, December 2016  Which IoT applications work best with fog computing?

Computer News Middle East, November 2016  Through the Fog

Industrial IoT 5G, October 2016  Smart cities:  a Prime Use Case for Fog Computing

Forbes, October 2016   What is Fog Computing? And why it Matters in our Big Data and IoT World

Tech Target, September 2016  Four Building Blocks for Better IoT Security

RCR Wireless, August 2016   Fog Computing Rolls Over Critical IoT Data as Cloud Steps Aside

RTI Insights, August 2016   Fog and Cloud Computing Working Together

App Developer Magazine, August 2016  Just What is Edge Analytics and Fog Computing?

Encash, August 2016  How Fog Computing Helps Businesses Fully Encash IoT Benefits

TechCrunch, July 2016  How Fog Computing pushes IoT Intelligence to the Edge

IEEE Communications Magazine, June 2016  The Emerging Era of Fog Computing and Networking

FOX Business, April 26, 2016  Forget the Cloud, ‘The Fog’ is the Next Big Thing

TechSpot, April 26, 2016 The End of Hardware?

Forbes, April 18, 2016  Is Fog Computing the next big thing in IoT

RTInights, March 23, 2016  From the Cloud to Fog Computing: a New Path for the IoT

Dataconomy, March 21, 2016  Is Fog Computing the Future of Cloud?

The Manufacturing Connection, December 10, 2015  Open Fog Consortium to Help Enable Scenarios for the Internet of Things

Rethink Wireless, November 23, 2015  OpenFog Consortium pushes processing to the edge

IoT, November 23, 2015  Cisco and Princeton Uni form Open Fog Consortium

CBR, November 20, 2015  IoT giants create OpenFog computing consortium

eWeek, November 30, 2014  Fog Computing Aims to Reduce Processing Burden of Cloud Systems

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